Sunday, December 17, 2006

Pet Peeves

There was no real reason why I was inspired to do this blog but I guess it had something to do with the drive between my parents' house and mine: I hate it. So the combination of a lot of time to think and idiot drivers spawned this little list. Enjoy, and feel free to add on! (I dunno who this guy is, but man he looks peeved)
  1. Heelys (those roller-shoes) - kids have enough trouble keeping from running into adults/trashcans/lightbulb displays/woodland creatures/etc. in public, what sick freak came up with the brilliant idea to put these podiatrically challenged children on wheels?
  2. The one little black pebble that the vacuum refuses to pick up so you have to bend down and pick it up yourself. Kinda defeats the purpose.
  3. Traffic lights that aren't on sensors after 11 p.m. I swear the traffic engineers are watching us on cameras laughing their butts off as we sit for 15 minutes in the middle of nowhere staring hopelessly at a red light.
  4. LED headlights - these things I'm convinced, put out a number of lumens that rivals the sun itself. I'd rather stare straight into one of those red laser pointer things and have my retinas burned out than be approached by a car with those obnoxious beams.
  5. Taxes - not so much a pet peeve, I just really hate everything about them.
  6. Bad park jobs - I mean seriously, the spaces are clearly marked to guide us. These are the same people that never learned to color inside the lines in kindergarten.
  7. People that wait in line for 10 minutes and still don't know what they want when they get to the front.
  8. B.O. - With modern advances in the field of perspiration and odor contol, there's absolutely no excuse.
  9. People that wear their bluetooth cell phone ear things at inappropriate times, like while eating with other people - Yes, we all know you're very important, so much so that you have to be available AT ALL TIMES. But I'm pretty sure they world will keep on spinning if you disconnect for 3o minutes.
    1. Corollary to #8 - People that don't have the fancy bluetooth thing, but still have an earpiece, so they just walk around holding their cell phone in one hand and the tiny microphone in the other. For the cry eye, just put the stupid phone up to your ear and talk like a normal person!
  10. Slow-walkers at the mall - this also includes the people who suddenly stop and turn around, invariably causing you to run into them.
  11. Blogs about nothing. Doh!

Please don't take my inclusion of this clip as any kind of endorsement of Keystone Beer...I'm not sure it's even beer.


Anonymous said...

1. Well I can think of one that is universal. Children, parents, grandparents, people of all races and creeds do this one. It can happen in the mall, grocery store, your local Wawa. No matter what it is just flat out frustrating!!!!

Here it is: Let's say you're walking around and the person who is in front of you decides, "Hmm...I think I would like to make an abrupt stop and turn around into the person behind me and act like it's their fault". This happens to me all the time.

2. when you are driving and the person in front of you doesn't use their turn signal or decides to turn it on as they are turning.

3. When someone is trying to turn left at an intersection and doesn't bother to move forward to let those behind them pass!

I'm sure I'll post more as I think of them.

Kallie said...

1) When your driving in narrow Philly streets and the person in front of you stops, turns on their hazards, and leaves their car in the middle of the road with you behind it.
2) 76 and everything associated with it.
3) People who don't share the road with bikes. It drives me even crazier when they honk at the bikers. Can't we share the road?
4) Long fingernails on guys. It's just creepy. I don't care if you bite, pick, or cut them, just don't let them get outta control.
5) Parents who let their kids walk all over them. You're the grown-up, act like it.
6) Not being able to buy a cold 6 pack at the grocery story...or even with the wine. I'm not an alcoholic, why must they treat me like one?
7) "Please make you selection for the following menu: to speak with a sales representative press 1, to discuss a current claim press 2,...." Ahh...

This is way too easy for me

Heidi said...

1. Co-workers who e-mail you when you are right in the cubicle next to them (I used to hate that when I worked in an office-get off your lazy you-know-what and come talk to me or sometimes all you'd have to do is stand up and peek over!!!)
2. People who text message with someone else and they are not in a situation where they couldn't use the phone. I can't stand it! Call me, don't take five minutes to find the right letteres to text message me something that would take you 10 seconds to tell me! (so is it blasphemous to list technology as a pet peeve on a blog site??).
3. All of the above (mike, denise, and kallie's responses especially Kallie's #5)
4. In addition to Kallie's #5, I'd have to say parents who use their kids as an excuse to get out of anything and everything!! And the ones that don't discipline, so then your kid always ends up wondering why they get in trouble, but little spoiled, rotten, brat "Johnny" gets away with everything!
(okay, Mike, now that those peeves are off our chests, maybe it's time to blog something a little more cheery for the season!)

Michaela said...

I would also add one of my biggest pet peeves: People who leave stickers on electronics, bragging about the features they have. I hate them. HATE THEM WITH A PASSION. THEY ARE MEANT TO BE TAKEN OFF AFTER PURCHASE.

art said...

1. When people borrow a book and then dog-ear the corner instead of using a bookmark. If Jesus wanted you to dog-ear a book he wouldn't have created bookmarks. If there is ever another discovery of ancient texts near the Dead Sea, I'm sure that we'll find Psalm 152 and within it will read, "He who dog-ears their codex shows contempt for their maker."

2. Writing on the bathroom stalls in public restrooms. Within today's modern world where technological advances have rendered the speed and breadth of communication both faster and wider, I'm positive that one can find another, more appropriate way to make a statement. And who in the world is going to the restroom with a machete and/or Sharpie?

3. Kallie's #3. It makes me want to murder someone.

4. Watermelon flavored candy. It doesn't taste like watermelon. Give it a rest.

5. Delays on flights. Seriously, we have figured out how to pack 90 gigs of information onto a tiny iPod, clone a sheep, and send people into space....but we can't go a day without delays at an airport?

Michaela said...

Which begs the question...

Can something be considered a pet peeve if EVERYONE hates it?

For example, I can't imagine anyone likes plane delays.


Michaela said...

Oh hey, I forgot one of my biggest pet peeves...

People who spell Scotland : "Scottland".

Drives me nuts.

Lorna S. Qesteri said...

Feliz Ano Nuevo amigo!!